Market share must be kept on same playing field for all

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed your recent articles in the Western Farm Press on Cotton. I am a Cotton grower from Brawley, Calif., and find it increasingly difficult to stay in business farming cotton.

After reading, listening and comparing charts from 1986 to the present I find it most challenging to be optimistic about the farm economy in general. I, like most farmers, wish to make a honest living by selling my products, not waiting for a handout from our government.

Can we expect our government to stand behind it's nation's farmers in the world market place and compete for it's share? Or, on the other hand, will we be finally beaten into submission by all the foreign imports and decide not to farm at all?

I once thought farming was the backbone of this country but now I wonder whose back we are really scratching. I guess what want to say is “Wake up America” you are losing the American farmer. We are proud individuals and with strong work ethics. I only pray the powers that be realize our importance.

Change is always inevitable but market share should always be on the same playing field. Let us hope we received the same attention that our DJIA and Nasdaq markets receive on a daily basis.

Ralph Taylor
[email protected]

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