California crop production at full bore

California crop reports: Walnuts, cotton, rice, corn, and beets.

California walnut crop bigger

The 2012 California walnut production is forecast at 470.000 tons, up two percent from the 2011 production of 461,000 tons, according to the California NASS office.

Bearing acreage is unchanged from 2011 at 245,000 acres, resulting in a yield of 1.92 tons per acre.  The forecast is based on the Walnut objective measurement survey conducted during August.  Survey data indicated an average nut set of 1,375 per tree, down one percent from the 2011 average of 1,388.  The San Joaquin Valley set is 1,120, up slightly from last year, and the Sacramento Valley set is 1,582, down one percent from last year.  The percentage of sound kernels in-shell was 98.0 percent statewide.

California cotton crop much smaller

California upland cotton production forecast at 495,000 bales, down 11 percent from the 2011 crop, and up five percent from the Aug. 1 forecast, according to the California NASS office.  Harvested acreage is estimated at 141,000 acres, down five percent from the previous forecast.  Yield is forecast at 1,685 pounds per acre, slightly down from last month.  The forecast for American Pima cotton production was 630,000 thousand bales, up one percent from last month’s production and down 20 percent from the 2011 crop.  Harvested acreage is forecasted at 224,000 acres.  Yield is forecast at 1,350 pounds per acre.

California rice crop up 2 percent

California rice production for this season is forecast at 47.3 million cwt., up two percent from the previous year.  The yield forecast is 8,400 pounds per acre, unchanged from both last month and year.  Planted and harvested acreages are forecasted at 568,000 and 563,000 acres, respectively.  As of Sept. 1, nearly all of the rice acres had headed.

Grain corn crop up sharply

Corn for grain production in California for 2012 is forecast at 958,000 tons, up 23 percent from last year’s crop and unchanged from the August forecast.  With harvested acreage forecasted at 180,000 acres, the yield is 5.32 tons per acre, according to California NASS office.  Compared with the 2011 crop year, harvested acreage is up 20 percent and the yield is unchanged.

California beet crop down slightly

California’s 2012 sugar beet production is forecast at 1.05 million tons, down two percent from the August forecast and down five percent from last season. Harvested acreage slightly decreased from last month with 24,500 acres, resulting in a yield of 43.0 tons per acre.

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