Technology will be the key to producing more milk, food

It’s been estimated the world will need 60 percent more milk if we are to feed the 9 billion people expected to inhabit the earth by 2050. How we accomplish that is a question that is being studied by scientists the world over.

One of the solutions will be products like Posilac, a dairy supplement that is enabling cows to produce an extra 10 pounds of milk per day. Roger Cady discussed the challenges and possible solutions during a press briefing at World Ago Expo in which Elanco Animal Health observed the 20th anniversary of the introduction of Posilac.

“We’re looking at a potential 60 percent increase in milk demand between now and 2050,” said Cady. “How does that stack up against what we’ve done? We’ve actually doubled milk production in the world over the last 50 years. However, that has not kept up with population increase.”

Even though production has doubled, milk supplies are still about 14 percent of what’s needed per person around the world. Another challenge is environmental. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the world is using one-and-a-half times it annual resources every year.

Cady referred to a new report on How We’ll Feed the World, titled “Enough.” The report, which opens with a letter form Elanco CEO Jeff Simmons, details a plan for increasing food production, well, enough to feed a a rapidly growing population.

For more information on the report and other food increasing efforts, click on

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