Million-bale crop worth $470 million

Calcot marketed slightly more than one million bales of its members' 2002 cotton crop for almost $470 million.

Advances during the year totaled $337 million with a final settlement to its 1,500 members of almost $28 million.

Calcot offers its growers a number of marketing options. Here are some of the final numbers for its seasonal pools:

  • SJV middling quality 1 1/8-inch 73.58, the highest in three seasons. Strict middling final settlement was 74.33.

  • California Upland cottons middling base grade, 68.83 cents. Sacramento Valley cotton received the same price.

  • Seasonal pool SJV Pima settled at 92.77 cents.

  • Roller ginned Ultima closed at 80.08.

  • Seasonal pool California-Arizona upland base grade 65.83.

  • Seasonal pool California-Arizona Pima 91.17.

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