Storm clouds over the San Joaquin Valley

Storm clouds over the San Joaquin Valley.

10 must-read drought stories for Sept. 23

Will El Niño break the drought or just wreck the levees?

How much rain will it take to end California’s drought? Perhaps the question should be are we ready for whatever comes?

California drought and impending El Niño raise fears of levee breaks The flip-side of drought is when it does rain, will our infrastructure hold back flood waters?

Resurrecting ‘Eureka’ in California “Despite the natural drought, big-money, agenda-driven environmental groups have put pressure on lawmakers and judges to divert billions of gallons of water away from communities…”

Some California farmers get OK to use water again State opens taps to some senior water rights holders as growing season ends.

Future of water: Can California’s arcane water rights system change? Can a 19th Century approach to water allocation survive in the 21st Century or are there too many people/interests lined up at a water trough that hasn’t grown in size to accommodate the demands placed upon it?

Our food is not being grown with fracking wastewater University of California expert debunks myth that fracking water is used to grow crops.

California farm drainage deal faces Capitol Hill currents Legal settlement between Westlands and Congress still must be acted upon by Congress – sometime before 2017.

Tuolumne fish passage draws pointed debate Irrigation districts may be forced to pay to transport salmon upstream because some people think making fish swim is just not right.

Is 2014 too little, too late for rules about pumping groundwater in the Golden State? As with many plans, California tends to build in timelines that some think are unreasonable, especially in an emergency.

Public vote on forming a Paso Robles groundwater district moves ahead Local agency to let residents decide on formation of groundwater management district for troubled water basin.

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