Agribiz: AgBiome, Syngenta create crop protection partnership

AgBiome LLC, an innovator in microbes for agriculture, announces an important research partnership with Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.

In the partnership, AgBiome and Syngenta bring unique strengths to discovery and development of novel, high-value trait products for the protection of specific crops. 

Under the partnership, Syngenta funds a multi-year discovery research program at AgBiome and will select potential development candidates in its field and crop of interest based on successful technical milestones.

AgBiome says AgBiome's ever-growing collection of microbes and sequence data, coupled with proprietary screening capabilities, provide a powerful engine for trait discovery.

According to Syngenta, AgBiome is the ideal partner for this research program and great outcomes are expected from the partnership.

AgBiome is a venture-backed agricultural discovery company which uses its proprietary GENESIS platform to collect, isolate, analyze, and test microbes for use as biological products and sources of trait genes.

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