Agribiz: Agrian acquires Altamont Techologies

Agrian, Inc. of Fresno, Calif. has purchased Altamont Technologies, a Golden State-based software development company specializing in land management programs and mobile mapping applications for enterprise agriculture operations.  

The acquisition includes Altamont’s LandView app. LandView will be maintained for the immediate future and will be incorporated later into the Agrian Mobile platform.

The LandView mobile map-based app differs from some other geographical information systems as it allows users to create tasks and track their completion. LandView uses aerial imagery and real-time updates to provide a big picture perspective of site-specific data. 

Agrian says Altamont’s interactive map-based offering fits well within Agrian’s comprehensive suite of easy-to-use data management solutions for agricultural retailers, crop advisors, agronomists, growers, and food handlers.

The Agrian platform is a single, simple to use software system enabling users to capture boots-in-the-dirt intelligence resulting in agronomic precision.

Agrian’s web-based service allows users to incorporate field equipment data with mapping and input reports, providing the tools needed to manage assets and make the best use of the land.


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