Agribiz - BASF’s Nealta miticide receives EPA registration

BASF has announced that its Nealta miticide – which provides mite control at all life stages - has received full, unconditional registration from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Nealta is labeled for use on almonds, pistachios, grapes, strawberries, apples, and pears.

The product provides growers with a miticide which can be used as part of an effective integrated pest management program.

Nealta has a unique site of action not found in any other miticide in the U.S.

Cyflumetofen, the active ingredient in Nealta miticide, is highly effective against mites which may have developed resistance to other acaricides.

Nealta miticide is compatible with predatory mites, including western predatory mites and Phytoseiulus persimilus, plus beneficial insects.

Nealta miticide offers a short pre-harvest interval, application flexibility, and tank-mix compatibility. 

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