Agribiz: BioConsortia HQ-R&D facilities open in Davis, Calif.

BioConsortia, Inc., a company which works in microbial consortia to improve plant traits and increase crop yields, has opened its new company headquarters plus research and development (R&D) laboratories in Davis, Calif.

BioConsortia has developed R&D technology which link plant phenotype selection with high-throughput microbial screening and DNA sequencing. The process facilitates the rapid discovery of teams of microbes which increase fertilizer performance, improve plant growth, and improve other crop traits from abiotic stress tolerance to enhancing plant metabolite expression.

With the University of California and several important crop protection and biotech firms are located in the Davis area, Davis has become a major hub for agricultural and microbial technology.

The new R&D labs are designed to meet BioConsortia’s needs, containing microbiology and molecular biology labs, growth chambers, and resources for genomic analysis. The new facilities also serve as the company’s corporate headquarters.

BioConsortia has a pipeline of seed treatment and soil-delivered products to improve key traits for soybean, corn, wheat, and rice, plus fruit and vegetable crops. These will be pursued in the new labs.

BioConsortia will partner with leading companies in fertilizer, seed-traits, and the crop protection industries, and will conduct field trials with independent U.S. contractors, universities, distributors, and growers.

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