Agribiz: Cheminova launches new Bestow herbicide

Cheminova announces the launch of Bestow herbicide which provides control of numerous grassy and broadleaf weeds, including foxtail, lambsquarters, pigweed, smartweed, and woolly cupgrass, in field corn.

Bestow can be used as a fallow treatment in the spring or fall when the majority of weeds have emerged and are actively growing.

The new herbicide can be applied pre-emergence and post-emergence in field corn.

Bestow is flexible and affordable, said Cheminova said in a press release. It can be used by field corn growers as a first application or as weeds emerge later in the season.

The active ingredient in Bestow is rimsulfuron and offers long-lasting soil residual activity in the labeled crop.

Bestow is packaged in 8 x 20 ounce bottles and is now available.

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