Agribiz: EPA approves Westbridge Ag Products' Suppress EC organic herbicide

Westbridge Agricultural Products recently gained EPA registration of Suppress Herbicide EC, a new tool for organic growers in the battle against weeds.

Suppress Herbicide EC is registered as a broad spectrum contact herbicide for post-emergent, non-selective weed control for use in all agricultural food and non-food crops.

The formulation is an emulsifiable concentrate approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic food production.

In four years of university research trials, the herbicide consistently revealed positive results in controlling various weeds.

Weed control is always a difficult challenge for organic growers and there are few effective and economical options available for use on organic food crops.

The introduction of this new product is exciting news and what organic growers have been waiting for, says Westbridge President Tina Koenemann.

The herbicide provides growers with a valuable tool to help meet their production goals. It could also prove to be a valuable option for conventional growers as a rotational herbicide where resistant weeds have become a problem.

Westbridge Agricultural Products is a manufacturer and distributor of liquid organic fertilizers, bio pesticides, and specialty inputs.

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