Agribiz: Net Irrigate combats copper theft, unveils WireRat 4.0

Net Irrigate, a manufacturer of wireless agricultural irrigation monitoring (WAIM) technology, announces WireRat 4.0, an update to its WireRat technology that offers pivot owners new benefits including the ability to self-test the system and increased battery performance.

Since 2011, WireRat technology has become an alarm solution for copper theft on center pivot irrigation systems and additional agriculture equipment.

WireRat technology helps farmers protect valuable copper wire on pivot irrigation systems and other equipment by immediately sending alerts to a phone when a span cable is cut. The technology works with all brands of center pivots and requires no external power.

New for the WireRat 4.0 is the ability to self-test by simulating span cable cuts without damaging equipment. Every month, the system auto tests the copper wire to ensure the alarm is not compromised during the off season.

WireRat 4.0 also includes increased battery performance with a battery pack design which can last up to seven years with average pivot usage. This represents a 40 percent increase over the previous version.

The new technology operates globally with the ability to deliver voice, email, and text notifications to recipients in more than 170 countries.

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