BioConsortia's research focus is improved plant traits, increased yields

This March marked the one year anniversary of BioConsortia, Inc., an innovative agricultural biotech company based in Davis, Calif.

The company has developed a revolutionary advanced microbial selection (AMS) process involving directed selection of the plant microbiome to identify microbial teams that improve plant traits and increase crop yields.

BioConsortia uses an approach similar to the method used by plant breeders to improve plant traits. The company uses directed selection to discover teams of microbes that influence the expression of beneficial traits in crops.

This novel and patent-pending process works by controlling the seed genetics and the environment while changing the microbial community in order to shift trait performance in the crop toward improved targeted phenotypes.

A company news release says the last year was very successful in demonstrating the potential of the company’s R&D platform, using directed selection, guided by DNA sequencing and microbiome data, to identify teams of microbes that improve crop traits.

The field trial results bode well for a future of highly effective and sustainable microbial solutions for growers.

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