Cancer claims well-known UC Davis researcher

Longtime University of California researcher and assistant professor at UC Davis Larry Teuber died May 19 after a long battle with cancer.

Teuber started as an assistant professor in at UC Davis on Dec. 7, 1977 and his appointment continued until his death. He was the alfalfa breeder and geneticist for alfalfa at UC Davis, and director of the California Crop Improvement Association.

Teuber was instrumental in contributing to the plant breeding of alfalfa, having released numerous key non-dormant alfalfa germplasm sources which have been used by private companies and, more recently, several widely-grown alfalfa varieties: UC Impalo WF and UC Highline.

He was the key player in determining measurements and biology of fall dormancy and other descriptors for alfalfa, as well as the physiology of alfalfa growth as influenced by day length and temperature. He was quite interested in the biology of bee and pollination behavior, and the biochemistry of Lygus damage in alfalfa and other crops. In more recent years, he contributed to the understanding of gene flow in alfalfa, particularly as it relates to the importance of genetic integrity of biotech and non-biotech containing varieties in seed production.

In addition to his academic contribution in teaching and his research in alfalfa breeding, Teuber served many years as the director for the departmental Foundation Seed Program, taught at the UC Plant Breeding Academy since its inception, and for the past nearly 10 years was the Executive Director of the California Crop Improvement Association. 


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