Gallery: University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension centennial salute

If there is a rock solid side of agriculture that delivers sound science to the agricultural industry every day throughout the nation to help growers become even greater stewards of land and resources and increase productivity, then the university-based Cooperative Extension Service deserves front of the line status.

On Oct. 4, the University of Arizona (UA) conducted its last of four centennial tributes in the state to its Cooperative Extension Service, created 100 years ago under the Smith-Lever Act. The celebratory event was held at the Phoenix Zoo.

Cooperative Extension is a state-by-state network of educators who extend university-based research and knowledge to people in many walks of life; not just agriculture.

"Cooperative Extension in Arizona has a three-fold return on investment," said University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart, the keynote speaker at the Cooperative Extension celebration in Phoenix. 

The UA's 21st president touted Extension's work on double crop no till cultivation and its award winning pest management program as just two UA programs that better the lives and careers of Arizona farmers.

During the award's program, the UA honored about 50 people in Arizona agriculture who have dedicated themselves to help shape the UA Cooperative Extension.

The honorees include: Basilio 'Bas' Aja, Oliver Anderson, Grant Boice, Leah Brilman, Lavern Chase, Bill and Doris Combs (deceased), David Cook, Dora Duarte, William 'Bill' Emerson, Lin Evans, Jim (deceased) and Mary Faul, Jeannette Fish, Ron Gass, Cheryl Goar, Marifloyd Hamil, Harper family, M. Alberta Harris (deceased), A. V. 'Bill' Hardt, Bruce Heiden, K. K. Henness (deceased), Sharon Hoelscher Day, Edward 'Ed' Y. Hooper, Keith Jones, Jim Kirkpatrick, and Dan Klingenberg.

Other honorees include Carles 'Chuck' Lakin (deceased), C.B. 'Doc' Lane, Louise Lucy (deceased), Alvin L. Medina, Walt and Francie Meyer, Robert J. Moody, George T. Peabody (decreased), Pamela Perry, Gary (deceased) and Sharon Petterson, Paul Prechel, Ron Rayner, Gilbert 'Shag' Rogers, Emil Rovey (deceased), Lupe de Santiago, Mark and Carrie Schnepf, Janice Shelton, William 'Bill' Stambaugh, David Stewart, Hiawatha Vance (deceased), Cayci Vuksanovich, Del Wakimoto, Carol Ward-Morris, Jim Webb, Carl Weiler, Howard Wuertz, and Wilbur Wuertz.





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