Growing weeds on purpose for science

The science of weed control not only commands the study of researchers from an entire department on a major university; it regularly draws over 100 company reps, farm advisors and other weed afficianados to the annual weed day at UC Davis.

Studies into the science of weed control in tomato fields, robotic cultivators, weeds in melons and issues centered on herbicides continue to be the talk of the day at the annual event.

This year's planning committee was chaired by Joe DiTomaso, a non-crop weed specialist within the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis.

Key areas of continued university study continues in weed control in tomatoes and melons by UC Davis Project Scientist Lynn Sosnoskie, and orchard studies typically headed up by Cooperative Extension Weed Specialist Brad Hanson.

This year's activities included a mechanical weed control demonstration using a robotic cultivator.

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