Marrone Bio Innovations receives EPA approval for Majestene bionematicide

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI) has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval for the product Majestene, a broad spectrum, high performance natural bionematicide for controlling nematodes (roundworms) on a wide range of agricultural crops.

Majestene provides growers a new mode of action for safely controlling nematodes by reducing or stopping eggs from hatching, preventing root galling, and reducing nematode population density. 

MBI says nematodes cause approximately $80 billion annually in crop damage globally.

The bionematicide, MBI says, meets a large market need due to heavy restrictions on toxic chemicals used to control nematodes and the need for easier-to-use biologicals that reduce multiple species of nematode populations.

Growers who traditionally use conventional nematicides for crop protection can now use Majestene which has multiple modes of action, a low risk to beneficial insects, and an exemption from residue tolerances.

The product delivers expanded options to growers for an environmentally responsible and effective solution for managing pests in conventional and organic crops.

Majestene is labeled for a wide array of crops against multiple nematodes including root knot, cyst, sting, and lance. It is approved for use in conventional and organic systems.

The bionematicide is available in a liquid formulation and can be applied by ground, with no limit on the number of applications allowed per season.

The product has the minimum four-hour re-entry interval for farmworkers.

Majestene is non-toxic to fish, birds, and most beneficial insects. It has a zero-day pre-harvest interval and an exemption from MRL tolerances - a measure of pesticide residue limits that must be met for most food crop exports.

MBI is currently applying for state registrations for Majestene.

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