Near-perfect weather graces 2015 World Ag Expo

The World Ag Expo had three days of record-setting crowds as near-perfect weather graced the show at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif.

Exact attendance figures weren't available just yet, but Jerry Sinift, general manager of World Ag Expo, said the crowds exceeded the huge Central Valley facility's parking and exhibitors and food vendors reported good activity all three days of the show.

"Everything worked this year," said Sinift. "The weather was incredible. We prayed for rain, but if we can't have rain, we'll have this. It's been an incredible week. The exhibitors tell me this is probably the best year they've had in a number of years. The food concessionaires said their days were better than they've ever had before.

"The people who are here are qualified buyers who want to buy," he noted. "A lot of new products are being created here at World Ag Expo. It is the place where we set the stage for agriculture, and we're holding to that."

The drought continued to be a main topic of discussion with vendors offering more irrigation products and growers seeking them out. "I think we're seeing a number of new irrigation products," said Sinift. "What to do about the drought is certainly on everyone's mind."

With almost all of the Expo exhibit space filled and its parking filled to capacity, Sinift said it may be time to start thinking about expansion of the show, which completed its 48th year this year.

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