Chlorpyrifos is now a restricted use material

California regulations have changed Chlorpyrifos to a "restricted use" pesticide. Applicators will need a permit from county agriculture commissioners to use products with Chlorpyrifos in them.

New regulations: Chlorpyrifos labeled 'restricted use' in California effective July 1

Contact local agriculture commissioner's office for permit requirements

Chlorpyrifos is labeled effective July 1, 2015 as a restricted material in California when it is an ingredient in pesticides for use in the production of an agricultural commodity.

Applicators will need to obtain a restricted materials permit from their county agriculture commissioner if they wish to purchase, possess or apply affected chlorpyrifos products.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR) is currently developing interim permit condition recommendations, this will be additional mitigation to the instructions users of restricted materials must follow.

The interim permit conditions may include buffer zones near sensitive sites, GMP (good management practices) to prevent drift or offsite movement into the air and measures to reduce runoff into surface waters.

County agriculture commissioners will be notified by the DPR with a letter of the recommended interim conditions.

A list of products published by DPR includes 31 pesticides that will be affected by the new regulation.  

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