Protassium+ Organic only U.S.-produced certified organic sulfate of potash

Organic crop growers have a pure, consistent, and reliable potassium fertilizer option with Compass Minerals’ release of Protassium+ Organic sulfate of potash

Protassium+ Organic is a dual-nutrient, concentrated sulfate of potash (SOP) which offers a high potassium (50 percent) and plant-available sulfate sulfur.

It is the only domestically produced and packaged SOP certified and approved for organic food production by the Organic Materials Review Institute, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the USDA National Organic Standards Board. 

Protassium+ Organic allows growers to reduce the amount of applied fertilizer which minimizes time, labor, and fuel expenses. It requires three tons of manure to apply the same amount of potassium in only 0.18 ton of Protassium+ Organic.

Additionally, compared with manure or compost, Protassium+ Organic offers a safe, reliable, and consistent potassium nutrient source that is easy to handle, blend, and apply.
According to Compass Minerals, organic food production is increasing each year. To help meet this demand, customers are asking for a safe, reliable, and high-quality organic potassium nutrient product for crops.

“From the moment Protassium+ is drawn from the Great Salt Lake, it is in its purest organic form. We do our best to preserve that integrity until it arrives to our growers’ fields,” the company says.

SOP (K2SO4) offers conventional and organic growers numerous performance advantages not found in other potassium source produced in North America. Containing 50 percent potassium, SOP fertilizer, including Protassium+, helps support plant resistance to drought, frost, disease, and pests, and other stressors.

With less than 1 percent chloride, Protassium+ has the lowest salt index of all major potassium sources – minimizing the risk of toxicity and soil salinity levels. This is an important consideration, even more so in drought conditions or when irrigation groundwater quality is a concern.

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