Syngenta announces Seedcare Application and Resource Center

Syngenta announced Aug. 19 its Seedcare Application and Resource Center, a collaborative new website designed for Syngenta Seedcare customers to quickly and conveniently access Seedcare information and services.

The new website is one component of the expanding services available from Syngenta Seedcare.

The company says the Center offers an efficient and collaborative way for treaters to prepare unique seed treatment calculations, plus retain records. The new website significantly expands the company’s ability to serve treater customers.

Information on the website includes recipe calculators (initially for corn, soybeans, and wheat), along with the capability to save and email seed treatment recipes. Online calculators ensure recipes are based on the most up-to-date information and replace manual spreadsheet calculators.

In the future, the site will contain links to technical bulletins and product information.

Subsequent releases of the site will expand technical information available to customers.

Several video tutorials provide instructions about how to use the website. The “Getting Started” tutorial explains how to create an account and log in for the first time.

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