WaterMaxx2 soil surfactant for California crop growers

Crippling drought conditions persist in much of California creating challenges for growers dealing with decreased water quantity and quality. The results in many cases are diminished crop yields and lost profits.

The demand to get the most out of every drop of water has never been greater. Growers can stretch water supplies with WaterMaxx2, a non-ionic soil surfactant that improves the infiltration, distribution, and retention of water in soil.

Trials conducted by growers over the last few years have shown that WaterMaxx2 can produce improved crop yields under deficit irrigation in wine grapes, pistachios, walnuts, vegetables, and other crops.

The product offers ease of application. WaterMaxx2 can be applied with fertilizer applications and is compatible with many commonly used liquid fertilizer blends, and can be applied by itself.


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