More cereal producers to benefit from product cost replacement program

A unique tool that protects the herbicide investment of cereal crop growers when a natural disaster wipes out crops now is available nationwide.

The DuPont Crop Protection Plus herbicide cost replacement program, which had been available to growers purchasing DuPont herbicides in the Western United States, has been extended to provide extra peace of mind to cereal growers throughout the continental United States.

With the Crop Protection Plus program, wheat (durum and other varieties), barley, oats and triticale growers who purchase and apply eligible DuPont herbicides from their local DuPont retailers may receive product cost replacement credit when the treated field becomes uneconomical to harvest due to drought, hail, flood, frost/freeze or fire (restrictions apply).

“The Crop Protection Plus program is another way DuPont Crop Protection is helping growers by taking some of the uncertainty out of farming during these challenging economic times,” said Marty Wojcik, portfolio manager for DuPont Crop Protection. “Production agriculture is a business that carries inherent risks. DuPont is committed to providing products and services that help contribute to our customers' long-term success. Since 2000, thousands of growers have benefited from the peace of mind provided by the Crop Protection Plus program,” Wojcik said. “We wanted to offer those benefits to the rest of our cereal herbicides customers.

“It's easy to participate in the Crop Protection Plus program,” Wojcik added. “Growers are automatically enrolled when they purchase an eligible DuPont cereal herbicide from a local DuPont retailer. No paperwork is needed until a product cost replacement request is filed.”

Byron Bergkamp of Mount Hope, Kan., was one of the many growers who benefited from the Crop Protection Plus program when a freeze destroyed his crop. “I had used DuPont Finesse herbicide prior to the freeze, so I was covered by Crop Protection Plus,” Bergkamp said. “The program provides real security and peace of mind. Every little bit helps, especially when you're faced with a total crop loss.”

Qualifying DuPont cereal products include DuPont Affinity, Agility, Ally, Express, Finesse, Glean and Harmony brand herbicides.

For more information about the program, visit your DuPont Crop Protection retailer.

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