Napa’s crop on track

Everything appears to be on track for Napa’s crop this season. While it won’t likely be a blockbuster, it looks good.

“The crop seems to be average, though still some question as to the viability of the fruit in the areas affected by frost, mostly in the eastern hillsides,” says Terry Hall, communications director for Napa Valley Vintners Association in St. Helena, Calif. “Water so far is a concern, but not yet an issue. Most growers don’t irrigate that much, especially on the valley floor, and ponds and reservoirs are still holding. However, all of that could change if heat becomes a problem as the season goes on.”

At least lower-than-normal rainfall has a silver lining. “The lack of rain this year will reduce mildew, and rot pressure,” says Larry Hyde, owner of Hyde Vineyards in Napa, Calif.

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