National Cotton Council’s Andy Jordan declared honorary cotton specialist

Andrew Jordan, vice president of technical services for the National Cotton Council, has been declared an honorary “Extension Cotton Specialist.” The honor was bestowed on Jordan by the country’s cotton specialists at their annual meeting during the 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in New Orleans.

J.C. Banks, cotton specialist for Oklahoma State University, made the presentation saying, “The Extension cotton specialists recognize and applaud Dr. Andrew Jordan for his dedication, vision, and expertise in furthering and serving the U.S. cotton industry.”

Jordan has worked with the NCC for more than 30 years and is retiring next month. His depth of technical knowledge and breadth of experience with the seven segments of the cotton industry has proven beneficial for the entire industry. During his tenure at the NCC, he has led educational efforts in the industry, including significant work in numerous areas of cotton production, among them physiology, insect control, biotechnology, technology transfer and stewardship.

Louisiana Cotton Specialist Sandy Stewart said the group of specialists agreed Jordan was particularly deserving of the honorary specialist designation due to his constant support of the specialists in the past few decades. He added that the timing of the 2007 Beltwide specialists meeting, sponsored by Delta and Pine Land Co., was an easy choice as the venue for bestowing the honor as Jordan’s retirement is imminent.

“Andy has worked with our group on so many occasions that we almost immediately knew this was the best way for us to tell him thank you,” Stewart said.

About 20 cotton specialists provide cross-discipline services (physiology, weed and insect control, etc.) to growers across the U.S. Cotton Belt.

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