New product winners named

The second annual World Ag Expo New Product winners have been chosen, including the Top-10 New Products honorees.

“The product selection is as varied and innovative as the show itself,” said 2006 World Ag Expo chairman, Erin Ferguson, in announcing the recipients of this year's awards.

“There is a great mix of products and technologies, from small companies to major players such as John Deere,” Ferguson elaborated. “We even have a local company who won last year — and then won again this year for yet another innovative product!”

Culled from applications sent in by '06 World Ag Expo exhibitors, the 55 winners were chosen by a group of farmer-volunteers. Each member of the committee has direct experience in production agriculture.

New this year, Top 10 New Product winners will be showcased in their own center in addition to each exhibitor's regular display booth. The New Product Center will be located on Median Street near Pavilion B.

“What makes our New Product winners stand out,” says Ferguson, “is that they are truly innovative. Just a new paint job or different name doesn't make the cut. Finding and recognizing new products in ag technology is at the core of what World Ag Expo is all about.”

Runners up to the Top-10 New Products will also receive special recognition.

Following are the Top 10 New Product winners listed in alphabetical order along with their home city and '06 World Ag Expo booth location:

Basic Industries, Pixley, Calif.; G Street 10: “Yard Dog” Self-Propelled Lube System.” Instead of taking your equipment to the shop, take the shop to your equipment. Hydrostatically driven, the Yard Dog comes with a 45-gallon waste oil tank. Basic Industries is a Top-10 New Products winner two years in a row.

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co., Woodinville, Wash.; A Street 19: CP Quiet Rotary Screw Air Compressor designed for 100 percent continuous duty 24 hours a day. Low energy consumption; available in 3-15 HP with no wearing parts.

SSI Energy, LLC, Sausalito, Calif.; Pavilion C 3606, 3607: BioPro 190 Biodiesel Fuel Processor. Industrial grade biodiesel automatic fuel processor uses fresh or used vegetable and animal-based oils then returns back 100 percent biodiesel.

John Deere Co., Reno, Nev.; North & O Streets : JDLink Machine Messenger allows user to keep tabs on each tractor in the fleet with this wireless communication and information system for John Deere tractors.

Lechler, Inc., St. Charles, Ill.; Pavilion B 2519 : Electronic Tank Level Indicator measures the liquid level of any size tank. The programmable microprocessor will adapt to any manufacturer's tank. Can read results from the cab.

Leister / Assembly Supplies, Co., Escondido, Calif.; Pavilion A 1300: Fusion Extruder. Compact hand-held plastic welding tool. Ideal for punctures, cracks or voids in any PP/PE plastic equipment such as poly tanks. Portable.

OXBO International Corp. — Vineyard & Berry Products, Lynden, Wash.; N Street 19, 21: Korvan 4012 Multi-Function Power Unit features an all-wheel drive system with John Deere engine; fuel tank at low center of gravity. Performs well in California's most extreme hillsides. Picking system and 12-inch bucket conveyance allows for cleaner, whole fruit.

Parkson Corp., Vernon Hills, Ill.; Dairy Center 6239: Parkson Sand Saver recovers bedding sand from sand ladened dairy manure (SLDM) and produces a clean, dry, odorless sand ready to be reused.

Spectrum Technologies, Plainfield, Ill.; Pavilion B 2130, 2131: IPM Scope Digital IPM Camera. Aids in identifying and tracking plant pest and disease pressures; captures and magnifies images or video 40X to 10X. Images can be uploaded and emailed for identification.

Towing Products / Convert-a-Ball, Sidney, Neb.; B Street 9 : Kwik Gate, designed for full-sized pickup trucks, the back panel flips down to be used as a step or flips up to haul lumber and other material too long for the bed. Easily installed. Many uses including construction.

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