New Woodland liquid fertilizer storage terminal operational

Inland Terminal‘s new public liquid fertilizer storage facility in Woodland, Calif. is in operation in time for the spring planting season, according to Johnny Council, spokesman for Inland Terminal.

The new terminal will provide efficient distribution of nutrient products to Northern California agriculture, according to Council. The state of art facility is located at the intersection of East Street and Road 18C with convenient access to Interstate 5.

The facility has six tanks with 3.6 million gallons of capacity. Future expansion plans call for an additional 1.8 million gallons of storage to be added. The terminal receives fertilizer by truck and rail.

It offers certified carriers an automated loading system with 24 hours a day access to provide maximum efficiency during peak fertilizer requirement season. Four load out bays allow quick turn around for trucks hauling out of the terminal.

Johnny Council, spokesman for Inland Terminal, points out the strategic location of the Woodland facility reduces truck traffic to outlying storage and port facilities during the busy planting and growing season. The location allows trucks to make several deliveries a day to growers and fertilizer facilities in Northern California. This is very difficult to accomplish from more distant terminals due to restrictions on hours of service for truck drivers.

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