Preparing for the World Ag Expo

While activities related to the World Ag Expo run year-round, active set-up for the worlds largest agricultural exposition begins right after Christmas each year for the annual event the second week of Feburary. Tents large and small must be set up, exhibit booth space marked off, 6,000 yards of bark for outdoor exhibits must be delivered and spread by hand, heavy equipment must be trucked in, off loaded and placed, and a host of other large and small details taken care of ahead of opening day.

Much of the work to accomplish this is handled by about 1,000 volunteers from the local community. Many of these volunteers, once the show is set up, will don bright orange jackets and assist exhibitors and visitors during the three-day exposition.


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Large trucks began delivering the heavy equipment and assorted items in late January that exhibitors will use and display.

The World Ag Expo runs Feb. 11-13 at the International AgriCenter in Tulare, Calif. Information about the expo, including ticket prices, is available online.

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