Agribiz: Merivon fungicide registered for California almonds

Merivon fungicide from BASF has received registration for use on almonds in California.

The advanced fungicide helps to maximize yield potential by offering improved control of key diseases, proven advanced plant health benefits, and the longest lasting protection available.

In field trials, Merivon controlled key diseases including blossom blight, almond scab, shothole, and alternaria. Optimal application timing is at full bloom to control early season diseases including brown rot and blossom blight.

Controlling these early season diseases can mean healthy blooms which can increase almond meat yield.    

Merivon fungicide is a 1:1 premix of F500 – an active ingredient in Pristine fungicide – and Xemium fungicide. Xemium fungicide distributes its chemistry throughout the plant to deliver disease control with extended residual protection.

The combination of active ingredients in Merivon fungicide can also lead to advanced plant health benefits. These include enhanced photosynthesis which increases energy production in almond trees and ultimately contributes to increased yield potential.

A second application can also be made later in the growing season to keep diseases including scab, shothole anthracnose, rust, and alternaria effectively in check.

Merivon fungicide can also be mixed with other products, including insecticides.

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