Citrus community gets taste of research

The University of California's Lindcove Research and Extension Center hosts a citrus open house each year where citrus growers and the community get to sample from dozens of different varieties of citrus fruit. The open house is held in December and features events and information for growers and the community at large.

The research station is located on 175 acres of land in the Tulare County foothills east of Visalia. The facility grows citrus, olives, pomegranates and avocados, and provides labor, equipment, facilities and technical support to UC researchers and agencies including the U.S. Department of Agriculture for agricultural research and extension work.

Beth Grafton-Cardwell is the Lindcove REC facility director and is well-known in the citrus community as an expert on the Asian citrus psyllid, an invastive pest that has been found in the San Joaquin Valley and other important commercial citrus regions in California.

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