Hass Avocado Board appointees

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has appointed four members and four alternate members to the Hass Avocado Board. All of the appointments are three-year terms that began Nov. 1 last year, and end on Oct. 31, 2012.

Members appointed are John D. Lindstrom of Bonsall, Calif., and James West Johnson, Los Angeles, Calif., producers; and Jimmy D. Lotufo, Ringoes, N.J., and Barry London, McAllen, Texas, importers.

The following were newly appointed as alternates: Tom Sowden, Bonsall, Calif., and Emily Greenberg of Los Angeles, Calif., producers; and Scott Bauwens, San Marcos, Calif., and Hugo Gonzalez of Long Beach, Calif., importers.

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service provides oversight of the Hass Avocado Board in accordance with the Hass Avocado Research, Promotion, and Information Act of 2000 and the Hass Avocado Research, Promotion, and Information Order of 2002.

Under the order, domestic producers and importers pay an assessment of 2.5 cents per pound of fresh Hass avocados produced or handled in the United States or imported into the United States. The funds collected are used to conduct generic promotion, research and information projects designed to maintain and expand markets for Hass avocados.

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