HMC Farms harvests nectarines for the community

Some of these fresh nectarines being harvested in central California will wind up in food banks and food pantries throughout the Golden State because of the generosity of San Joaquin Valley growers and a program operated by the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB).

More than one million pounds of stone fruit -- nectarines, peaches and plums -- are donated each year by HMC Farms in Kingsburg, Calif. The fruit first goes to food bank and pantry programs in nearby Fresno, then to other food banks throughout the Golden State.

A CAFB program called "Farm to Family" provides fresh fruit that would otherwise be thrown away because markets will not take blemished, but otherwise edible commodities, to needy families.

HMC Farms has participated in the program for about a decade, according to HMC Farms President Jon McClarty.

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