National Pecan buys 4,000-acre orchard in Arizona

National Pecan buys 4,000-acre orchard in Arizona

National Pecan says the Arizona pecan farm purchase is a major step toward the company's vertical integration, industry leadership, and overall growth.  

National Pecan announced Dec. 16 its acquisition of a 4,000-acre-plus pecan orchard and operation in Bowie, Ariz. 

The acreage was purchased from Lesco Enterprise Inc. 

National Pecan says the pecan farm purchase is another major step toward vertical integration, industry leadership, and overall growth for National Pecan.

“The orchard is a well-regarded operation with a strong track record of producing exceptional quality pecans to serve growing customer demand,” said David Lawrence, National Pecan’s chief executive officer.

“The purchase is an important milestone in our aggressive expansion plans, and we are delighted about the potential it represents.”

Earlier this year, National Pecan purchased Young Pecan of Fabens, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; the Poulan Pecan Company of Poulan, Georgia; and significant pecan orchard holdings in Georgia.

“We are deeply committed to investing in pecan acreage and operations as illustrated by this latest acquisition, as well as the recent Young Pecan and Poulan Pecan purchases,” said Tom Stevenson, National Pecan’s director of farming operations.

“This latest acquisition in Arizona represents a significant investment that will serve as a foundation for expansion of our western pecan farming operations.”

In 2016, National Pecan plans to explore more acquisitions and acreage expansion throughout North America.

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