Tiger Greening Guard could boost immune response in HLB trees

A new product aimed at boosting a citrus tree’s immune system could help growers stretch the life of their trees infected with Huanglongbing.

H.J. Baker has launched Tiger Greening Guard citrus mix containing 64 percent sulfur, 3 percent iron, 7 percent manganese, and 6 percent zinc. The product is backed by University of Florida research and is intended to increase feeder root density.

The goal is to improve nutrient uptake and reduce fruit drop.

Also known as citrus greening, HLB is fatal to citrus trees. There currently is no cure for the disease once a tree is infected. The disease is caused by a bacterium vectored by the Asian citrus psyllid.

Greening Guard has a controlled release mechanism to ensure long-term root health and maximizes efficiency of nutrient uptake.

H.J. Baker is a global manufacturer and supplier of agricultural goods and services.


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