Orthene OK'd on California nursery stock

Valent U.S.A. Corp. has received approval in California of a new pelleted formulation of Orthene for use on nursery stock (non-bearing deciduous fruit trees, nut trees and vines) in nursery fields or non-bearing orchards.

Orthene 97 is a water-soluble pellet, and is an addition to the Orthene powder formulation and water-soluble packets. The water-soluble pellet formulation presents fewer mixing and loading challenges, thus reducing potential for worker exposure.

According to Gary Cummings, senior formulation chemist for Valent, Orthene 97 is a highly concentrated, low-odor Orthene formulation. "It's unique, low-dust characteristics make it easy to use while greatly reducing worker exposure," Cummings says.

Orthene 97 can be used to control aphids, plant bugs (lygus) and thrips. Apply one half to one pound of Orthene 97 per acre in 50 to 200 gallons of water by ground.

Previously available in lower concentrations, Orthene has provided consistent and effective insect control for 25 years. Because Orthene 97 contains a higher percentage of the active ingredient acephate, growers are able to use lower per-acre rates to achieve the same results as with other products.

Orthene 97 is available as a 0.773-pound canister or 7.73-pound resealable bag.

For more information about Orthene or Valent U.S.A Corp., call 1-800 VALENT (800 682-5368), or visit the Valent Website at www.valent.com.

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