PCA continuing education seminars at farm show

It will begin at 1 p.m. in the Salinas Valley Community Center and will feature:

--Managing soil pests by William Chaney, University of California Cooperation Extension entomology farm advisor in Salinas. Chaney will discuss bulb mites, springtails, garden symphylans and root maggots, focusing on both chemical control and Integrated Pest Management.

--Laws and regulations update by Bill Weddle, deputy Monterey County ag commissioner. Weddle will discuss new methyl bromide regulations, including buffer zones. He will detail how these regulations are affecting the use of fumigants Telone and Vapam. He also will talk about worker re-entry intervals and other elements involved in federal re-registration of pesticides.

--A new fungicide Blockade will be discussed by pest control advisor Mike Ontiveros, who will explain its use rates and application requirements.

--Richard Smith, vegetable farm advisor for UCCE in Monterey County, will present fertilizer use and its relationship to diseases. He’ll talk about nitrogen use and plant health as the cornerstone to disease management.

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