Platinum: Good science and technology change everything

Like every Syngenta product, Platinum® is backed by years of research, local field experts, skilled scientists and local sales representatives. In fact, we believe the drive to improve a product should continue even after it’s been brought to market.

In the case of Platinum, this philosophy and our good science have resulted in a new, broader label. Now, the faster action, longer residual control and greater application flexibility you’ve always liked about Platinum are available for even more crops, including leafy vegetables and brassicas. In California, Platinum is also labeled for use on fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. Additional label expansions in California are pending, check with the California regulatory agency to determine registration status. For a complete list of labeled crops and more information, visit

We’re proud of our products. But that doesn’t stop us from seeking ways to offer even greater value to our growers. Through good science and strong partnerships, we’ve been able to bring solutions to new markets, develop innovative formulations and add grower benefits like improved ease-of-use, enhanced flexibility and more.

We invest more than $700 million per year in research programs throughout the world, including at least 10 percent of sales directly into research and development. For Platinum, this smart investment now provides growers with new uses and improved rates for a product they’ve already come to depend upon.

We are where you farm: Your problems are our problems, and we strive to solve them locally. We don’t just manufacture and sell products. It’s also our goal to make sure they become useful partners in your successful operation. That can only be accomplished by working alongside growers on a local level.

Our experts—including more than 250 crop protection and seed care representatives—are here to help ensure our products work the best for you. We offer value-added support that actually can enhance the way you farm, your scouting, and can give you access to scientists and critical tools.

We’re actively committed to grower initiatives and participate in more than 50 industry task forces, work groups and committees. In addition, we maintain more than 400 agreements with universities and other research organizations. All in an effort to bring our expertise and knowledgeable support back to you—your operation, your fields, your crops.

Platinum contains the active ingredient thiamethoxam, a second-generation neonicotinoid insecticide. Within this chemical class, there is some concern about potential cross-resistance. So we recommend that the following proactive steps toward resistance management be taken when using Platinum.

1. Alternate the use of Platinum, and its active ingredient, thiamethoxam, with insecticides from other chemical classes

2. Apply the effective labeled rate

3. Use Platinum as part of an IPM program

4. Make sure your equipment is appropriately calibrated to provide thorough and uniform coverage

Platinum is well suited for use in IPM programs. When applied in the field, it has minimal impact on beneficial species because of its low- use rates and systemic activity, which allows Platinum to control targeted pests without contacting beneficials.

For more information, visit the Syngenta Crop Protection Web site: or or call the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENTA (866-796-4368).

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Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using this product.

Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. warrants that its products conform to the chemical description set forth on the products' labels. NO OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SHALL APPLY TO SYNGENTA PRODUCTS. Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. neither assumes nor authorizes any representative or other person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than such as is expressly set forth herein. IN NO EVENT SHALL SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION, INC. BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY USE OR HANDLING OF ITS PRODUCTS. No statements or recommendations contained herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any relevant patent now or hereafter in existence.

State registrations or specific crop and/or pest uses for Platinum may still be pending in certain states. Please check with your state regulatory agency to determine registration status.

Platinum® and the Syngenta logo are registered trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company.

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