Proclaim approved on lettuce

Growers now have a new way to protect head lettuce, celery and head and stem brassicca crops from lepidopteran larvae (worm pests). The California Department of Pesticide Registration has approved the use of Proclaim insecticide from Novartis Crop Protection Inc.

Research shows that the active ingredient in Proclaim, emamectin benzoate, delivers excellent control of a broad range of worm pests at very low use rates of 0.0075 pound to 0.015 pound active ingredient per acre. rates of formulated product are 2.4 ounces to 4.8 ounces per acre.

Emamectin benzoate is a synthetically-modified form of abamectin, the active ingredient in Agri-Mek. Because Proclaim specifically controls worm pests, it provides an important alternative where pests such as diamondback moth and beet armyworm have developed insensitivity to commonly used, broad-spectrum insecticides.

Field trials show Proclaim provides excellent control of diamondback moths in broccoli when compared with such products as Success, Lannate and Agree. In other trials, Proclaim shows excellent beet armyworm and cabbage looper control in iceburg lettuce.

Proclaim has been registered for use outside California, Arizona and New York since September 1999. It was first used under Section 18 Emergency Exemptions in 1996 and 1997 against resistant diamondback moth in Hawaiian cole crops. Proclaim helped reduce crop losses by nearly $1 million per year in Hawaii.

Unique approach

Proclaim acts in a unique way against the nervous system of target lepidoptera. Worm pests stop feeding shortly after ingesting the material and die from starvation within two to four days.

Proclaim offers excellent residual control because it quickly penetrates leaf tissue to form a reservoir of active ingredient where larvae feed. This translaminar activity provides up to seven days of control. Workers may re-enter fields treated with Proclaim 48 hours after application.

Proclaim is compatible with vegetable IPM programs, because it has minimal effect on beneficial insects after the spray material has dried. Proclaim should be an ideal rotation partner with other products and will help maintain the effectiveness of other worm control tools available to growers.

For more information about Proclaim, contact your local crop protection dealer, pest control adviser, Extension agent or Novartis Crop Protection representative. To review the Proclaim label online, visit the Novartis Crop Protection Website at

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