Program helps ranchers with conservation

In the midst of record home growth in Arizona, ranchers now have a way to make improvements on their ranch lands and not have to sell their private lands to developers.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture is launching the Livestock and Crop Conservation Grant Program, which will provide millions of dollars to ranchers within the Grand Canyon state.


  • On average, it is estimated that over an acre per hour of agricultural or non-urban land is converted to urban uses.

  • More than $3.7 million to be awarded this year alone.

  • These funds can be used to match Arizona and federal funds.

Ranchers have until the May 13, 2005 to present a project proposal and request the funds necessary to complete the program. This is a chance for the ranching community to evaluate what best suits their individual operations and team with the department to turn those conservation efforts into a reality. Funds will be awarded by June of 2005 and recipients will be notified via mail.

ADA staff will be conducting grant workshops around the state to provide potential applicants with a general program overview and information on how to apply for funds. ADA strongly encourages potential applicants to attend a grant workshop.

If you need “faces” or names and numbers of those waiting for such funds or intend to apply, please call the number listed above.

For more information on the program and to download the grant manual and application forms, visit

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