Raisin grape crop forecast increases

The California raisin-type variety grape forecast is 2.20 million tons, up 7 percent from the July forecast. Based on the objective measurement survey, bunches per vine totaled 40.6 compared to 38.3 recorded in 2007.

Acreage of bearing age is 227,000.

The 2008 California raisin-type grape crop is shaping up to be an average to slightly above average sized crop. A frost in April hit some grape growers hard, but raisin variety grapes had minimal damage. Water was also a concern for some growers, especially in the Fresno area. Pest and disease pressure was low this year.

Weather has been favorable during the growing season thus far, and vines look good. The raisin crop is behind, but appears to be catching up and maturing nicely. Harvest for raisin production has not yet begun.

The forecast is based on the results of the Raisin Grape Objective Measurement (O.M.) Survey conducted in July. The Raisin Administrative Committee provided funding for the 2008 Raisin O.M. Survey.

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