Remember W, what goes around comes around on energy

It is difficult and frustrating enough for us to watch our politicians and bureaucrats try to weasel out of the state's energy crisis without listening to out-of-state friends, relatives and business contacts chide us.

It is exasperating to endure the state's boss power companies taxpayer bailouts, rocketing power rate increases, bankruptcies and $50 million bonus shenanigans without also having to endure the humiliation of candles and batteries in the mail from those who reside in the other 49 states.

“You guys would not be in the mess you are in if you'd tell those environmentalists to take a hike and build power plants,” is the comment I most often hear.

“How many rolling blackouts have you had at your house,” is another one I often get. It's always followed by a sarcastic chuckle.

Our president doesn't even have the gumption to crack a joke about California's energy crisis. His administration is ignoring California. Okay George, the other guy got more votes in California than you did. Just remember “W” and all you others who think California's energy crisis is laughable:

  • California grows more than half the nation's fruit, nuts and vegetables. We're no longer going to share with you. Besides, we need something to eat when the power goes out.

  • Got Milk? We do. You might not. California is the nation's No. 1 dairy state. We're going to hold on to our fresh milk and cheese since our refrigerators can't be relied upon.

  • Need an airplane? Take the bus. California builds a lot of commercial airliners. When the one you now fly wear out, better hope Boeing's Washington plant can keep you supplied.

  • Those harassing long distance phone calls you make to your friends and relatives in California? Remember where the satellite components and tracking systems come from to make those calls and the other ones to friends and other states. You may want to take up letter writing.

  • All that glitzy and fancy software on the computer? Where did it come from? Probably, Silicon Valley like in California.

  • Sleep soundly at night knowing that you are safe? Where do you think that high-tech aerospace stuff like the sophisticated weapons systems comes from that lets you sleep peacefully at night.

  • Like going to Blockbuster for an evening movie? Guess where those movies are made? Yep, California. Even if they're shot elsewhere, the labs and printing, editing, and sound facilities are in California. Take up reading again.

  • Enjoy that bottle of Cabernet with last night's dinner? Yep, from California. Better start aging your tap water. We need all our wine here to mollify ourselves when we ponder the fact that regardless of how many California products we export to make the rest of America's lives better, America wants to make jokes about California and can't see its way clear to help us out with a little electricity.

Wag your collective fingers at California, America and George W. Ignore us. Don't share your power. Keep price-gouging us for your natural gas and electricity. Don't share. Laugh all you want.

We may have not built power plants fast enough to suit you, but just remember you don't grow enough food and milk enough cows, make enough movies, develop enough software, build enough airplanes and communication systems and defense systems or make enough wine.

We may be in the dark, but we will eat, drink and be merry.

We're building more power plants. It may be too little too late for this summer, but California will be self-sufficient in a couple of years. Then when you want some wine and cheese, get out the checkbook and start writing big numbers.

Love and Peace from California.

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