Research Update

DuPont field research and development not only focuses on the biological effectiveness of new compounds, but on new methods of application for not only new compounds, but older compounds as well.

Danny Tamayo, DuPont’s field development specialist based in Yuma, Ariz. has been looking at soil injection, banding and drenching transplants in increasingly important winter desert production areas of Southern California and Southwestern Arizona.

“Looking at the systemic efficacy of new and old compounds is a big part of my work,” said Tamayo. The successful use of systemic insecticides to bring the whitefly and other plant bugs under control in recent years in the desert has PCAs and growers eager to see research and development on that method of pest control.

“We have been looking at Vydate® and other DuPont insecticides through the drip systems to control lepidopterous pests. I have been working with John Palumbo at the UA Yuma research station and the research looks promising,” said Tamayo.

This season insect pests have been relatively low in the desert, said Tamayo, although there seems to be growing concern about flea beetle in melons.

Vydate® is a restricted-use pesticide.

Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use.

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