Research Update

California’s crop diversity poses unique challenges in developing new chemistry.

One of the biggest is plant back restrictions. DuPont development representatives spend considerable effort in keeping plant back restrictions to a minimum to allow growers as much crop rotation flexibility as possible.

This is the focus of development representative Hugo Ramirez’s field work with the popular pre and post emergence carrot herbicide, DuPont™ Lorox® DF herbicide. Right now, the herbicide has a one year plant back restrictions.

However, DuPont has new, shorter six-month and nine-month plant back restrictions now going through the registration process*.

Hugo is developing data to shorten that even more, but “that is a few years off.” Ramirez said reducing Lorox® plant back restrictions would make it easier for producers to rotate into crops like potatoes (nine-month plant back), barley, garlic (six-month plant back) and other options.

“It is important to make DuPont products more user friendly by expanding grower rotation options when these new rotations are approved,” commented Bill Hume, DuPont area sales manager in Fresno, Calif.

*The shorter plant back restrictions for Lorox® DF in carrots is pending registration. Consult your DuPont representative for more information.

Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use.

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