Lundberg Family Farms lauded for ag innovation

Lundberg family has farmed rice in Sacramento Valley since 1937 Sierra Nevada Brewery and two previous award recipients Innovate North State seeks to make northern California region the most economically competitive non-metro region in the U.S. by 2017  

Lundberg Family Farms earned top honors for ag innovation at the coveted 29th annual Regional Innovation Awards. The Innovation awards are a testament of the commitment to business success occurring in the 530 area code of northern California.  The lively evening was host to an audience that came to see the winners selected from among 100 finalists in 25 categories. 

Hosted and organized originally by CEPCO in 1984, and since 2012 by Innovate North State, the 29th annual Innovation Awards are an annual event to include the entire 530 area code, encompassing most of California north of Sacramento. Prior recipients include Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and Companies and professionals are honored for their innovative achievements. Homer Lundberg accepted the award on behalf of Lundberg Family Farms.

“The Lundberg Family has always been known as an agriculture innovator in the Sacramento Valley. At times, we were even called ‘those crazy Lundbergs’ for some of our groundbreaking inventions,” said Homer Lundberg, second generation family member and organic rice pioneer. “I am proud that Lundberg’s third generation continues the family tradition of agricultural innovation and am thrilled that they are being recognized for their efforts by their peers with this award.” 

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Innovate North State’s Managing Director Jon Gregory stated, “The annual Innovation Awards Dinner represents our once-a-year hallmark gala event honoring the phenomenal business success occurring in organization performance, products and services, executives and professionals, educators and civic throughout the ‘530’ region.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to showcase the tremendous success stories of business and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and professionals who are leaders in their respected industries,” Gregory said.

The Lundberg Family has been farming rice and producing rice products at their farms in the Sacramento Valley since 1937. Now led by its third generation, Lundberg Family Farms uses organic and eco-positive farming practices to produce wholesome, healthful rice products while protecting and improving the environment for future generations. For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  

Innovate North State, a public/private partnership driven by leaders of leading northern California businesses, was established in early 2012. Innovate North State's goal is to assist the region’s most innovative companies who have the largest growth potential garner a larger share of their national and global markets resulting in a more vibrant regional economy.

Innovate North State focuses on five key industry sectors: Sustainable Agriculture and Food; Manufacturing and Consumer Products; Cleantech and Environmental; Web, Mobile, and IT; and, Healthcare and Medical Technology. With the mantra of “connecting to compete” Innovate North State’s strategy involves helping innovative companies connect with each other and also to vital resources located outside the region, making the northern California region the most economically competitive non-metropolitan region in the U.S. by 2017.


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