Rodex uses technology to kill rodents

Monte Meyer, an Idaho cattle rancher, enlisted the help of a friend and engineer, Dan Newton, to help him eliminate burrowing rodents on his ranch. Together, they brainstormed and came up with the Rodex 4000.

The results were so spectacular that they had to share it with others who had rodent problems. Inadvertently, Rodex Industries was born. Today, Rodex markets the only chemical and poison-free system that works for rodent control, Rodex 4000.

The Rodex 4000 rodent extermination system works for anyone who has a rodent population problem, from farmers and ranchers to pest control companies, nurseries, golf courses and horse race tracks.

Any outdoor venue that experiences rodent destruction can eliminate the problem. City parks and recreation departments, schools and public works all have a responsibility to monitor the safety of children and adults.

Horses can break legs in gopher holes; rodents can destroy crops, plants and flowers and cause havoc on golf courses, polo fields, race tracks and in gardens. Rats carry disease and can cause illness, even death.

The Rodex 4000 System is an offensive approach to burrowing rodent control. It's actually an elimination system rather than a control system. Marketed exclusively to the agriculture industry in the past, it's now available to the mass market where rodent problems exist.

Inventor, Monte Meyer says, “We thought if farmers and ranchers could solve their problems with our system, anybody else could also. With this system you do not wait for the rodents to come to you, you go directly after them.”

Patented and classified with the EPA as an application device, the Rodex 4000 System comes with the applicator, 50 feet of propane and oxygen hose, both propane and oxygen regulators and safety kit. Cost of the operation is pennies per application.

It works by pushing a button that shoots a calibrated mixture of 97 percent oxygen and 3 percent propane down through the rodents tunnel system. Presto. The offending pest is eliminated humanely, not just transferred to another locale.

The Rodex 4000 features the latest advances in solid state electronic ignition controls and circuitry. It allows the operator to create an instant effective elimination of destructive rodents. The system is non-toxic to pets and children as no poisons or chemicals are needed. The archaic practice of shooting the rodents is no longer needed.

Environmentally sound, the Rodex 4000 system supports the efforts of any farmer, land owner, property manager or governmental agency in erosion prevention caused by rodents burrowing into levees, canals, ditches or any other irrigation control system.

For further information or to order the Rodex 4000, call (800) 750-4553 or visit our Web site: or email: [email protected].

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