Sara Lee exec chairs Cotton Board

Nancy Marino, an executive with Sara Lee Branded Apparel, will chair the Cotton Board in 2006. Louie Perry, a cotton producer from Georgia, is the new chairman of Cotton Incorporated.

The naming of Marino, senior vice president of global sourcing for Sara Lee, marks the first time a member of the importer segment has chaired the Cotton Board, the organization that oversees the U.S. Cotton Research and Promotion Program. She replaces Texas cotton producer Kent Nix, who served as chairman for two years.

“The two new chairmen bring invaluably diverse backgrounds and experiences to their leadership role that will benefit them as they help lead the Cotton Research & Program,” said Cotton Board President and CEO William P. Crawford.

The Cotton Board is comprised of 72 members and alternates (44 producers; 28 importers) and one consumer advisor. Cotton Incorporated has a total of 59 directors and 58 alternates — all of whom are producers of U.S. cotton.

As chairman of the Cotton Board, Marino will help guide the organization to effectively administer and oversee the Cotton Research & Promotion Program as funded by U.S. producers and importers of cotton and cotton products.

The new Cotton Incorporated Chairman, Louie Perry, replaces Arkansas cotton producer, Bill Weaver — who has served on Cotton Incorporated's board since 1987, and as chairman for the last two years. Perry's role as chairman of Cotton Incorporated will be to assist the organization in reaching its target audience — consumers of cotton products — while increasing the demand for and profitability of cotton.

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