Schafer names Cotton Board members

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer has appointed Aaron A. Barcellos of Los Banos, Calif. and Steve Cantu of Tranquility, Calif., to the Cotton Board. Barcellos and Cantu will fill member and alternate positions, respectively, on the board that became vacant due to resignations in 2007. Barcellos and Cantu will serve in their positions until the position terms end on Dec. 31, 2008.

The Cotton Board consists of 37 representatives of cotton producers and importers, their alternates and one consumer advisor. The cotton research and promotion program is designed to advance the position of cotton in the marketplace. It is funded by assessments on all domestically produced cotton and imports of foreign-produced cotton and cotton-containing products. The program is authorized by the Cotton Research and Promotion Act of 1966. USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service monitors the program.

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