Sierra Club racist, white supremist takeover repulsive

White supremacy, racism, McCarthyism and hate groups are terms reserved for American society's underbelly. Marauders in white sheets and wearing pointed, hooded hats are labeled with such terms, not people who claim to love trees, spotted owls and little white seals.

Yet it is the Sierra Club, or at least a group of rogue members, who are eliciting such terms in newspapers from one end of America to the other. Three people tied to anti-immigration groups are attempting to join others of similar leanings now on the national Sierra Club board to form an alliance to force the Sierra Club to take an anti-immigration position to “protect” the environment.

Immigration is a complex issue in America today. It defies simple solutions. However, within the debate is the undeniable truth that America is a land of immigrants. Our ancestors came from somewhere else to a new land we call the United States of America.

Ellis Island in New York and Alcatraz Island in San Francisco are reminders from one shining sea to another shining sea that America has forever accepted people escaping tyranny, oppression and poverty for a new life in free America.

How will America continue to feed, clothe, house, educate and provide medical care for them all? America finds a way because most Americans realize how ludicrous it is to say, “Now that I am in, lock the gate.”

However, locking the gate is exactly what the rouge group of Sierra Club members would do under the guise of protecting the environment.

To use a scientific term, BULL!

It is a blatant attempt by a group of white supremacists to take over an organization with an $83 million budget, using that money to spew racism and McCarthyism.

It is creating a backlash. Other liberal groups are denouncing the anti-immigration faction. The more rational leadership of the Sierra Club is defending itself against members being quoted saying Hmongs in America are “drug-addicted polygamists.” According to the Fresno Bee and the New York Times, the quote was from a Northern California club member Brenda Walker in a column carried on an anti-immigration reform Web site.

Former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm is one of those rogue members trying to get on the national Sierra Club board. He is the same person who has talked about the “duty” of the elderly to die. He labeled a 1998 protest in San Diego as being instigated by “second generation Hispanics, the children of immigrants.”

Lamm and his band are “children of immigrants” who are racists hiding in a so-called environmental group — an organization with a Spanish name founded by a Scottish immigrant, John Muir.

What is happening in the Sierra Club is the continuing evolution of one-time environmental protection groups into left wing extremists who are anti human, anti trade, anti free enterprise, anti democratic and anti civilization, according to Dr. Patrick Moore, a founding member of Greenpeace who spoke recently at the California Cotton Growers Association annual meeting.

Americans respect the environment. They will never respect a so-called environmental advocacy group that smacks of neo-Nazism.

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