Sonoma crop size difficult to peg

Disease pressure in Sonoma County has been very light so far in most areas. Nothing out of the ordinary, according to Nick Frey, president of the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission in Santa Rosa, Calif.

“Some growers may have treated for Botrytis after the rains, but otherwise little out of the ordinary is happening,” he says. “The crop size is still difficult to estimate. We are finishing flowering in most varieties and locations so we should be able to guess set soon.”

The impact of spotty frost damage is about the only concern at the moment. “The crop that was not damaged by frost looks good,” Frey says. “Those with frost damage are variable. Vineyards hit on March 31, April 20 and 21 are pretty much a loss. The key now is set and how the berries fill.”

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