Stance plant regulator now registered for use in California cotton fields

After receiving the green light in the fourth quarter of 2006 from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR), Stance plant regulator from Bayer CropScience is approved for use in California for the 2007 cotton production season.

Stance was approved by the U.S. EPA for other areas of the Cotton Belt in time for use in the 2006 production season with positive results.

Manuel Jimenez, Bayer CropScience technical services representative for the San Joaquin Valley, said the timing of Stance applications is similar to the timing of mepiquat chloride applications. Jimenez noted that these traditional products have widely varying rates that can lead to guesswork. In contrast, Stance offers a standard rate, which means growers can match performance with simplicity when using the product.

“Stance brings cotton growers an easy, effective solution to cotton plant management,” he said. “Growers can apply 2 ounces of Stance per acre as needed for moderate vegetative vigor and 3 ounces per acre as needed for high vegetative vigor. In the SJV, we'll probably see more use at the 3-ounce rate because more acreage is being shifted to Pima cotton.”

As with any other cotton plant regulator, the rate of Stance depends on weather conditions, cultural practices, variety selection and other factors, Jimenez said.

Data from multiple 2006 university trials in the Southwest, Mid-South and Southeast indicate Stance controls vegetative growth as well or better than mepiquat chloride.

Growers interested in learning more about Stance should visit, or contact their local retailer or Bayer CropScience sales representative.

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